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Workplace Diversity and Gender Equality in Recruitment

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Increasingly, organisations are gaining a competitive edge over their competition by creating a workplace alive with diversity.  More and more recruiters are sourcing talent from a pool full of different cultures, religions, genders, lived experiences and ideas. This adds not only to their profit margins, but to their companies growth through increase in innovation and creativity.

While in the past, gender and place of origin have been considered the main areas of workplace diversity, now the meaning of ‘diversity’ extends from one person’s idiosyncrasies to group variations in political and religious beliefs, styles of work, and different perceptions from differing generations. Diversity encompasses education, ethnicity, age, personality, background, cognitive approach, the terms of one’s contract, one’s function in the company, the pecking order in the talent pool, and the list goes on and on.

It’s estimated that 68 per cent of organisations measure and observe diversity and inclusion in their recruiting practices. Additionally, those seeking work consider diversity in their workplace to be positive; with research showing around 67 per cent of them believe this to be an important feature when weighing up an invitation to join a talent pool. On the recruitment side, 57 per cent say their strategies for attracting top talent are designed to draw in candidates of all genders, from diverse cultural backgrounds, religion beliefs (or lack of), experience, ideas, and their family’s place of origin.

By welcoming the ideas created from these diverse talent pools, companies are inadvertently projecting strong statements related to changing things for the better. As international connections continue to grow, workplace diversity has become more and more relevant, as the business world is opened up to new ideas and cultures. It’s also important to understand that the customer base has also evolved and changed, with their needs and desires reaching much further than simply gender or race. It’s imperative for businesses to remain competitive by comprehending this side of their enterprises.

Diversity enhances company’s market objectives. It also does  a good job in presenting the company as one that is fair, reasonable, and in tune with social progression. In turn, this improves staff’s opinion of the company. Gender equality in the workplace goes hand-in-hand with attracting the best talent, reducing the costs of recruitment (by lessening the frequency of staff turnover), boosting performance and business reputation. It’s been reported by the Australian Human Resources Institute that losses from the ‘revolving door policy’ values losses at an estimated $20 billion.

Workplace diversity brings about a more united work environment, enhancing and encouraging diverse talent pools and respecting their eventual contribution to the company. The competitive benefits of creating diverse talent pools for your company include:

  • Liable to be twice as likely to meet or even surpass their fiscal targets
  • Six times more likely to be creative or inventive
  • Six times more prone to anticipate and respond to changes successfully
  • Thirty per cent more profit generated per staff member

High performing female talent are most definitely important in analysing this new and improved way of thinking. Businesses are increasingly recognizing that great rewards can be achieved by attracting both male and female talent to their talent pools when recruiting. Companies who respect and value diverse talent and nurture innovation, are likely to not only attract top talent, but improve the performance of the company as a whole. The key is removing human bias. New forms of online recruitment software can do a lot in removing this risk.

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