Building Your Own Brand as a Digital Payments Provider

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Merchant services is one of the most lucrative sales industries in the world, and many people are starting to realize the potential in becoming a payment processing company. However, if you are looking into getting into the industry, there are a few pieces of information that you will want to know beforehand like what reselling is all about, what are the benefits, and how you should go about choosing a merchant service provider partnership for your adventure in reselling. Shaw Merchant Group is one of the most reputable reseller programs in the industry and we’re going to show you all of the information that  you will need to start on the right path when it comes to being a reseller of merchant services.

What is a merchant services reseller?

The first step to become a merchant service provider is understanding what exactly merchant services are and what a merchant services reseller program is. Merchant services are services that are rendered to merchants that are essential to doing business and accepting payments. There are unlimited businesses that need these services to function, but that also means that it is a competitive industry. However, success in this industry can mean a lifetime of residual and passive income, and that is why so many people choose to become a merchant services provider, along with the other benefits that it affords.

Merchant services reselling is an activity in which a person or company serves as the intermediary between a business and the merchant services that they need.  Reseller sells the services to merchants and sources them from a merchant services provider at a lower rate, securing profit for those that resell the merchant services.

What are the benefits of being a merchant services reseller?

Being a merchant services reseller is a difficult field to succeed in, but there are many reasons to pursue being one. This field comes with a lot of benefits that attract people to start a credit card processing company . Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to be a merchant services reseller.

No overhead

Being a merchant services reseller means that you won’t have any overhead as a businessperson. Since you are keeping nothing in stock and you won’t have to keep any equipment in-house to provide the merchant services that you offer, your risk is reduced and you are less vulnerable to business losses.

Help local businesses

One of the main benefits to being a merchant services reseller is that it is a rather fulfilling career. With the ability to provide businesses with reliable merchant services, you can feel fulfilled in your job and help your local community.

Earn a high income

People who are highly drawn to becoming a merchant service provider are often done so because of the potential and ability to earn a high income that is not limited by anything other than your success in merchant services and your ability to convince businesses to use you for their merchant services. Commissions are how you earn money with providing merchant services and the difference in price between what you’re selling the services for and what you are buying them for. With that in mind, it is one of the most lucrative industries that you can be in.

What should you look for in a merchant services reseller program?

If you are going to be a successful merchant service provider, then you need to work with a reliable ISO agent partner. Having a good ISO agent program to support you will allow you to offer premium and superior service that meets the needs of your clients and ensures that they will come back for more as needed.


You always want to work with a ISO agent program that provides timely and accurate payouts. Running a merchant services business isn’t profitable without receiving a reliable stream of payments, so make sure that the company that you partner with, such as Shaw Merchant Group, offers reliable and accurate payouts.

Business tools

If you want to have the best chance of success possible in selling merchant services, then you need to work with a partner that has the business tools to make it happen. These include marketing materials, literature, and other tools to help you bring in a reliable steam of clients. Shaw Merchant Group has one of the most comprehensive suite of business tools out there to provide you with the resources that you need.

Online reputation

You should always verify the reputation and trust that your ISO partner maintains if you want to have success as a merchant service provider. As a independent agent, you are only as good as the program that you work with. Working with a program that has a good reputation among merchants is essential to having success in your own business.

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